Man Sends Dirty Text To Girlfriend As She Looks At Phone With Her Parents

Some boyfriends can be funny, and a few can even pull off hilarious pranks, but one boyfriend might have just scorched his relationship with his future in-laws with something he did to get a reaction out of his girlfriend. She was hanging out in a pool, relaxing with her mom and dad by her side. The three of them were looking at something on her phone when her boyfriend, from across the pool, decided to send a dirty text to her. He then filmed their reactions.

His girlfriend's jaw dropped in shock as her mom looked at her confused by whatever just came up on the screen. The dad though seemed less than thrilled with everything. He took a deep breath then turned to his daughter's boyfriend, barely hiding the hatred in his eyes, and gave him the finger.

There is no word on what the text included, but it must have been something pretty raunchy to get that kind of reaction. Since the video ends quickly, there is also no telling if the pair is still together or if she broke up with him on the spot. If they are still a couple though and wind up getting married, you can bet things at that wedding are going to be pretty tense.

Photo: YouTube