Dachshund Chases Off Mountain Lion Attacking Family's Tiny Dog

A dachshund showed off his bravery after a mountain lion attacked his best friendMijo, a 15-year-old Chiweenie. The two dogs were with their owners visiting family members in Colorado when they both ran outside through an open door.

As soon as the two dogs got outside, the massive cat pounced on Mijo and started to run off with the six-pound dog. Winston chased after Mijo, barking at the mountain lion. Eventually, the mountain lion dropped Mijo and ran off into the woods.

"This is his best friend, so I'm not surprised that when he was screaming, that he chased after him," Sarah Moore, Winston's owner, told KUSA. "He's got a lot of heart."

After the mountain lion ran away, Moore rushed Mijo to a vet with serious injuries. Mijo lost his right eye and suffered a seizure while in the emergency room, and has permanent brain damage due to the attack.

Moore set up a GoFundMe to help cover the Mijo's extensive vet bills.

"It is an absolute miracle that this little guy is still alive. There is no reason one bite from a mountain lion shouldn't have killed him. He could have easily been carried off, he could have easily suffered a broken back, neck, or a fractured skull," Moore wrote. "There is no reason that a wiener dog could have chase off a mountain lion in the middle of an attack. Yet, here he is."

Photo: Getty Images

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