Massive Tornado Rips Apart Windmills As Storms Kill Multiple People In Iowa

Tornado column in rural landscape

Photo: Cultura RM Exclusive/Jason Persoff Stormdoctor / Image Source / Getty Images

series of powerful tornadoes swept across the Midwest, causing multiple fatalities and extensive damage in Iowa. The town of Greenfield, southwest of Des Moines, was particularly hard hit, with several deaths and injuries reported.

The tornado was so intense that it propelled debris 40,000 feet into the air, with wreckage found several miles away. Sgt. Alex Dinkla of the Iowa State Patrol described the situation as 'devastating' and praised the resilience of the local community.

"This town has a long road ahead of them, but if their actions today are any indication of what lies ahead, they will emerge stronger and more united than ever before," Sgt Dinkla said.

A video recorded by storm chaser Reed Timmer captured a massive tornado tearing down windmills as it carved a path of destruction near Greenfield.

The storm also caused significant power outages, with around 1,400 people in Adair County, which includes Greenfield, without power as of Wednesday morning. The severe weather is expected to subside in Iowa on Wednesday, but other parts of the country, including Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas, are now under threat from severe thunderstorms and potential tornadoes.

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds has pledged the full resources of the state to support the response and recovery effort. The tornadoes are part of a historically severe season for such storms in the U.S., with Iowa experiencing the most tornadoes this year, with 81 reported so far.

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