Hoover School Superintendent Dr. Kathy Murphy Answers Your Questions

Hoover city schools like all school districts is struggling with issues like Student Health wellness and safety as it considers the time table for reopening, and also weighs in person versus distance learning. Superintendent Kathy Murphy joins JT with the latest plans for the cities school system.


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Reopening Plan:

Our central office administrators and school leaders are continuing the important work of preparing our school reopening plan which will be presented to the board on Monday, July 13. Please be aware that a number of surveys and informational items will be shared with you throughout this week regarding our reopening plan, and please know your input is valuable to us.

As we begin a new academic year, we realize there will be opportunities to celebrate and challenges to address. We are grateful you are by our side through it all. 

Last year, our school district focused with great intensity on addressing equity, celebrating diversity and creating unity. However, recent current events in our country and community associated with racial violence and civil unrest give evidence that there remains much work to be done.  What we have seen are injustices that leave human beings feeling targeted, attacked, hurt and disparaged. We condemn those injustices in any form!  

We believe we are all here for such a time as this. We are here because we have been entrusted at this moment to make a positive difference in the lives of our students. We are here to understand and own the problems that occur on our watch, and we are here to find appropriate solutions.  

We must eliminate any barriers in our school district that have the effect of impeding a child’s academic and social-emotional development. We must level the playing field for the success of all.  We must hear our students’ voices.

Our school district will continue the work it started to address policies, practices and procedures specific to our desire for equity in education. While no one person has the answer to the injustices and unrest that plague our nation, we, the Hoover City School Family, can and must find solutions to those issues that confront us.

Regardless of color, creed, and nationality, we must encourage our students; empower our students; and ensure that our students are ready to go forward in life in pursuit of their dreams. As we approach a new school year, with all of the challenges before us, let's commit not only to confront those challenges, but let's also commit to care about each other without reservation; to treat each other with dignity and respect without limitation, and, just for good measure, let's commit to love one another. We hope you would agree…after all is said and done, it's hard to love a person and mistreat them at the same time.  

Thank you for entrusting your child to us, and thank you for joining hands with us as we embrace the opportunity to serve your children.


The Hoover City School Board and Superintendent Kathy Murphy

For information on Hoover City Schools Plans, Click this LINK.

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