Dr. Steve Turley: BLM Murals Erased, Defaced As Riots Backfire on Democrats

Artists Paint Black Lives Matter Mural On Minneapolis Street

We're seeing a major trend arise throughout the nation: the defacing and erasing of BLM murals.

The latest example comes from Redwood City in the Bay Area of California. A Redwood City resident got permission from city officials to paint a 'Black Lives Matter' sign on their Broadway street; in fact, the city even supplied the paint! And so, another city resident, Trump-supporting real estate attorney named Maria Rutenberg, realized that if her street has become a public forum, then why can't she paint a sign right next to the BLM sign reading 'MAGA 2020?'

She went to her city officials and requested to paint the sign, but rather than grant her request, the city officials just decided to erase the BLM sign. They actually removed it in the middle of the night so as not to provoke any protest.

Photo: Getty Images