Exclusive: Carter Page talks with Leah Brandon

Conservatives Gather At Annual CPAC Event

Conservatives Gather At Annual CPAC Event

“As we now approach the next presidential election, these latest small steps by the DOJ and FBI have not yet sufficiently addressed the criminal acts by ruthlessly partisan political actors in the Swamp,” said Carter Page in a statement to the Washington Times recently.

This comment followed the announcement of a series of Justice Department reforms aimed to improve the oversight and accountability at the FBI particularly in regards to the FISA process.

For years, Carter Page was the subject of an unfair abuse of power through the FISA process, one that upended his life. For him, these new reforms are not severe enough to reverse past FISA abuses directed not only at him, but at other innocent Americans as well.

Carter has shared his story in depth in his new book, Abuse and Power: How an Innocent American Was Framed in an Attempted Coup Against the President. Leah Brandon speaks with him about this and more as she fills in for JT.

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