Twitter Locked White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s Account

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany says she was locked out of her personal Twitter account for sharing The Post’s bombshell story that linked Joe Biden to using his influence to help Hunter Biden with his dealings with a Ukrainian energy company.

This was the image on McEnany’s twitter page.

Twitter said McEnany violated “our rules against distribution of hacked material” for sharing the New York Post story.

McEnany appeared on Fox last night with Hannity.

As Hannity pointed out, Twitter allows for the sharing of the debunked Trump-Russia conspiracy theory, “I don’t remember people getting locked out for those lies...”

McEnany said:

"this was a news story with emails, pictures of the emails ... even the Biden campaign does not dispute the authenticity of the emails. Meanwhile ... the ayatollah of Iran [is] tweeting 'death to Israel'. This is permitted on Twitter, but an email that is reported ... by the New York Post, a credible outlet, you are not allowed share that information. And make no mistake, if they can ban the press secretary of the United States for President Trump, they can ban you, as a citizen, and that is pathetic."

She added:

“they essentially have me at gunpoint and said unless you delete this story, a news story by the New York Post, I cannot regain access to my account.This is not the American way. This is not how a freedom-loving democracy operates. We have to have to hold Twitter accountable, and Facebook too, who is banning the transmission of this story simply because ideologically it hurts the side of the aisle that Silicon Valley prefers. It’s sad, it’s censorship, [and] this is not America."