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Oregon Tells Business Owners They Must Check Vaccine Card

This pandemic freak out has been a yearlong Christmas for these wannabe totalitarians and they don’t want to give up any of this newfound power.

Oregon health official say will they “allow” people to go maskless indoor, but they are putting the onus on the businesses to check their “papers” before allowing it.

Dr. Dean Sidelinger, Oregon’s health officer says that vaccinated individuals will be required to show their vaccine cards, or provide a photocopy or photo of their vaccine cards, to forgo masks in public indoor settings. He said the new guidance would be enforced by the Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Division and other state agencies.

He tells the Oregonian newspaper, “we hope that Oregonians will not lie or cheat and put others at risk by forging a vaccine record if they aren’t vaccinated.” 

He adds that, “for a business that wants to serve their customers in a different way by allowing them to remove their masks if they’re fully vaccinated, or have their staff be able to remove their mask if they’re fully vaccinated, they need to institute a system where individuals can share their vaccination status.” 

So the state is expecting these already struggling businesses to have people dedicated to checking the papers before people enter.

Are these businesses going to have ‘bouncers’ outside the door checks persons papers before they are allowed to enter maskless.

By adding more red tape to businesses, they are just keeping a de-facto mask order in place.

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