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Carbon Dioxide Shortage Could Lead To Beer Shortage

A carbon dioxide shortage could impact the beer supply nationwide. 

CO2 is a key ingredient to make beer bubbly and without it you’d get a flat brew.

The problem is contamination from the nation’s largest producer.

Fox Business reports,

“The problem stems from one of the nation's largest gas production hubs in Mississippi called the Jackson Dome. It's a natural source for CO2, and it's where many breweries get their supply from. 
John Raquet, the Chairman and Founder of Gas World, a leading news outlet covering the gas industry, says the dome is still producing CO2, but has elevated levels of other hydrocarbons that do not meet food and beverage standards for use. 
"It's causing a tightness in the market," Raquet said. "I think it is a crisis at the moment when you have breweries telling their staff you're going to be laid off because we're not getting supplies until September or October.”

Bob Pease, the president and CEO of the Brewers Association says breweries are already reporting a spike CO2 costs and are having trouble securing what they need.

Pease tells the Washington Post, “warm and flat is not where it’s at. It’s a key ingredient.”

He adds, “we’re hearing from people that their CO2 supplier called, saying, ‘We were supposed to deliver 100 pounds, but we’re only going to be able to deliver 40.’  So they might have to alter their production schedule, and the end result of that could be shortages of beer if this persists.”

One brewery in Massachusetts announced that the shortage has forced layoffs and for them to even suspend operations. 

Night Shift Brewing, in Everett, Massachusetts said on Instagram “last week, we learned that our CO2 supply has been cut for the foreseeable future, possibly more than a year until we get more.”

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