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Commies Scrambling after Red Wave Tuesday Night

Glenn Youngkin Campaign Holds Election Night Event

Photo: Getty Images

Wow, who didn’t see this coming? Maybe forcing jabs and threatening education and livelihoods isn’t the most effective campaign strategy to get votes.

Okay, let’s get serious.

Republicans were expected to take the night on Tuesday’s off year elections essentially undoing the past Democratic wins in Virginia. While Republican elect Glenn Youngkin (R) handily defeated former Governor Terry McAuliffe (D), Winsome Sears (R) made history becoming the first woman and the first woman of color elected to the seat of lieutenant governor. Also in Virginia, Republican Jason Miyares declared victory over incumbent Mark Herring in the race for Attorney General becoming the state’s first Latino to be elected to that position.

“Tonight’s historic upset is proof that Virginians are ready to move closer to an optimistic vision for the commonwealth marked by the protection of individual freedoms and liberties, where parents are empowered, where businesses are allowed to do what’s best for them and their employees, and the safety of communities is a priority number one,” RSLC President Dee Duncan said in a statement.

Dem’s may need to focus on McAuliffe’s inability to focus on anything other than former President Trump. Making the basis of your campaign center around a person no longer in office does not win elections as clearly demonstrated by Youngkin’s win and platform focused on education related issues.

This anti-Trump strategy employed by McAuliffe brought on criticism by many Republicans, including the man himself.

“All McAuliffe did was talk Trump, Trump, Trump and he lost! What does that tell you, Fake News? I guess people running for office as Democrats won’t be doing that too much longer,” Trump said in a statement. “I didn’t even have to go rally for Youngkin because McAuliffe did it for me. Thank you to the MAGA voters for turning out big!”

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